Teacher Training Apprenticeship Programme


The Apprenticeship is a highly respected  and unique One-to-One Pilates Teacher Training Programme. Running over 18 to 36 months in all. This One-to-One Apprenticeship Programme is the first Pilates teacher training programme to teach the original Method entirely from a neuromyofascial perspective; recognised within the roots of the Pilates Methodology itself.

This programme runs over 18 - 36 months.


One-to-One course overview

In this comprehensive programme, we cover the original Pilates Studio repertoire (entirely from a facial perspective). You'll be learning about the fundamentals of universal movement, the Pilates principles, fascial principles, make sense of the repertoire for restored mechanical regulated organisation. You will see how influential and essential the recent 'anatomy of fascia' has become - and how important it is, in securing your position as a truly authoritative and respected Pilates teacher today.

We tutor you on a private/semi-private basis, subject to studio and teacher availability
We can offer training hours in 'blocks of time' rather than having to get to the Studio daily/weekly, should you live far away
Training, observation and self-practice hours can be conducted with any one of the CPM Education faculty teachers in the UK, Zurich, Houston or Dubai

      This One-to-One Programme is a course that's built around you. The length of programme is dependent on your availability: we expect it to take from 18 to 36 months to complete the course, depending on the time you have available to dedicate to it.

      And of course, you can freeze your studies at any time if your circumstances change (subject to our terms and conditions). On completion, you'll be qualified to sit the PMA Third Party Certification.


      Programme Locations:

      Teacher Training Programmes are offered in three locations. Choose your location for Programme details.