The Neurofascia Bridge 1: The Prelude


The 4-day Intensive

"The quality of instructions and information was excellent, allowing me to understand how I can incorporate these ways into my osteopathic practice. A brilliant 4 days."

Malcolm Gregory, Osteopathic Health Centre, Dubai

"The phenomenal way in which Karin so personally presents this material is what sets her apart from the rest. It makes it real, and isn't that what it's really all about?"

Jill Gilbert, Houston

"Thank you so much for the Bridge Prelude Life changing. I feel a little like a "Body Whisperer". I know it will get deeper and I will become better at this. I feel like I can " Body Speak". You know what I'm talking about. Thank you. "

Michelle Long, Houston

Programme overview:

The Neurofascia Bridge 1 is open to all movement and manual professionals ready to take their work and themselves into the newly recognised and groundbreaking world of the neuromyofascia.

This profound work offers you a new dimension, leading you into the century of change. This Prelude to the full work The Neurofascia Bridge will awaken your body and mind perception, and expand and invigorate your professional approach. It is a revolutionary approach to chronic pain, rehabilitation, functional training and performance enhancement.

It will change your perspective and heighten your awareness and senses to a new and other experience and reality.

Bridge 1 will change your physical, mental and emotional perspectives: heightening your awareness and senses to a new and different experience and sensibility.

How will you benefit:

  • Bridge 1 offers an enriched experience and application to work with the nature of the neuromyofascial system for profound personal and professional change.
  • A new kind of functional training, you will see and understand the available fascial requirement in all of the body's movement orientations; flexion, extension, rotation, lateral and functional movement. You will look at the spine, hip, knee, ankle and shoulder from these fascial perspectives.
  • You will experience how restoring to "reset" the neuromyofascial pathways influences the whole of your physiology.
  • You will learn how through what you do (and even think) you create fascial change.  By becoming more conscious of how your body is reacting and what it is reacting to, you are able to elicit the required change at will.
  • With the guide of Thomas Myers' revolutionary Anatomy Trains map to take us around the fascial body, the Bridge Prelude will teach you how to recognise and change the neuromyofascial imbalances, strain patterns, habit patterns and associated reaction patterns - that in time become our symptoms and syndromes. You will learn how to create integration, injury habilitation, fascial release, healing and restored movement.
  • The programme will awaken a renewed way to see and experience the body. It will bring you to renewed senses and a renewed vision.

    How long is Bridge 1?

    4 days: Total 26 hrs

    In just 4 days you will experience yourself and your work from a whole new perspective.

    What qualification will you achieve?

    • You will receive a Certificate of Bridge 1 Completion
    • Bridge 1 is the pre-requisite for Bridge 2: The Change

    Where can you take Bridge 1:

    Bridge 1 is available at locations around the world (see our schedule).

    Programme Fee:

    UK/USA/UAE: £750.00

      Zurich: £850.00

      Payment plans are available

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