The Lecture Series

How the Pilates Repertoire informs the fascia


Imagine if the vision could be even bigger than we dreamed.

An interactive demonstration of how the Pilates repertoire changes the neuromyofascia, creating lasting structural and systemic change. Our faculty will guide you on a neuromyo fascial journey to help you better affect how your interaction with the apparatus informs a multiple of elements in the body.

  • See the depth in the Historical Pilates Repertoire. 

  • Follow the processes and philosophies readily available in the established choreography. 

  • Experience how these 4 interactive lectures unlock the expanse of the method and the body.

  • Challenge your perspective of movement and stability

  • Free the body to create greater ease for increased efficiency and enhanced performance.


Lecture 1: The Cadillac Zurich  11-12 May 2019

Lecture 2: The WundaChair Zurich  6-7 July 2019

Lecture 3: The Reformer Zurich  7-8 September 2019

Lecture 4: The Barrels, Ped-i-pull and Matwork Zurich  26-27 October 2019



Lecture weekend520 USD

Full Series (4 Lecture weekends)1,850 USD