Centre for Spatial Medicine

1 December 2018

Presented by Jane Elizabeth Williams

Category: Workshops

    • Bring the deep front line alive in a 3D fashion.
    • Touch on all the other lines from a 3D perspective and stay grounded in so doing.
    • Understand how the organs can influence both posture and therefore pain.
    • Work from the inside out to create space and pain free healthy movement.
    • Be confident to reassure your clients that the pain they might feel is not as negative as they might think.
    • Help them to go through the process of finding movement that has been lost to them through the fear of pain.
    • Play with new cues to find balance with in the bodies tensegrity.
    • Work with the apparatus using props to facilitate movement at an organic level.


  • 1 December 2018 9.00am – 4.00pm

  • Jane Elizabeth Williams

    Jane is a KMI structural body worker. She completed her neurofascial bridge training with CPM Education in 2013. Jane was an international Polestar Pilates educator before becoming one of the faculty teachers for Centre for Spatial Medicine. She is qualified in sports nutrition, sports massage, remedial therapy and kinetic control. She has a football association certificate in the treatment and management of injury. In addition, Jane is a PMA certified Pilates teacher. Read More

  • The Pilates Team, Unit 7, Greinan Farm, Tower Hill, Chipperfield Road, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire WD4 9LU


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