A Therapeutic Attitude against Trauma


February 18, 2020

Ibiza, Spain

Karin Locher

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  • Understand the latest information on the neuro-fascial paradigm to help you better understand your client’s Trauma and better maintain yourself in your practice.  

    The neuro-fascia is seen as a wet tropical jungle, that acts seven times faster than the nervous system alone. This makes more sense to how we manage the many fast multi-faceted human behaviours. Fascia and the autonomic nervous system are inseparably entwined. 

    How fascia responds to the autonomic nervous system. 

    The sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response) stiffens the tissue. The parasympathetic, (dorsal vagal) (the freeze /disassociated response) loosens it, decreasing muscle tone.  

    This brings a better understanding to chronic stiffness and to loss of energy and motivation. 

    So how can we better regulate our client’s neuro-fascia system? 

    The polyvagal theory (Stephen Porgess Ph.D) introduces a 3rd reflex system called the Social Engagement reflex (the ventral vagal circuit) which neutralises these two defense responses. 

    You will learn how to restore this often disrupted 3rd reflex; and how to work with the neuro-fascia to bring the body back into a neutral regulation.

    How to feel fascia and how to change it? 

    You will learn how to find and feel fascia. We as practitioners are not changing or lengthening the tissue, we are providing an environment that the tissue itself adapts to. 

    Fascia changes before we even touch itThis coherence phenomena (or entanglement as is often termed), is essential information for the practitioner/teacher to better support their client. 

    Learn how to affect your own ANS, at will, as a self-practice. 

    What we will cover: 

    • What is Neuro – Fascia:
    • The Polyvagal Theory (Stephen Porgess Ph.D) and the 3rd reflex system. 
    • The quest for safety as a human condition. 
    • A therapeutic attitude against Trauma
    • How to feel and affect neuro-myo-fascia 
    • Resonance and entanglement. 
    • Tools for the Practitioner to find their own centre and ground and to see their role in treatment/ therapy in a new light. 
  • Tuesday 18 February 9.30 – 14.30

  • Karin Locher

    For over 17 years Karin Locher has been building on her quest to understand and explore the phenomena of the ‘vital force’ (and lack of) that determines both our health and performance. With the new insights coming from Fascia research she has created a pioneering new application for Spatial Medicine: 'Changing mind-set, movement and structural-relationships to change the outcome.'

    Karin’s long standing fascination with the vital force is changing people and changing lives - a methodology that influences to re-store and re-set the neuro-myo-fascial system, thus enabling the body to do what it does best, keep us well. The result is Spatial Medicine. A medicine she believes is more appropriate for the 21st century symptoms and syndromes that we are seeing today.

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