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  • "The Neurofascia Bridge connects science, art, psychology and spirituality. It is real holistic work. To be "on the bridge" means that you have to be ready for a deeply transformative process."

    Tina Wyss, Basel, Switzerland. 

    "I cannot tell you how grateful I am for you and your work. It is in my mind and heart constantly. So excited about the future of learning more and passing it on." 

    Jill Gilbert, Houston  

    Programme Overview 

    Bridge 2: The Change is for everyone who has completed The Bridge Prelude.

    Plan to go deeper and to experience the transforming implications of this work in your own body. Cross over from the Bridge Prelude concepts to take you to a place of self-reference and embodiment. 

    Bridge 2 offers further tools and deeper applications to consciously expand and influence physical, mental and emotional capacity, and will increase the awareness of the physiological state through the neurofascial system.

    Fascia responds to everything that we are doing; to our mind, our emotions and how we react to the circumstances of our life. It responds and adapts to our habit patterns and the compensations that we operate under every day.  

    When we recognise that the bodies form and function are purely the manifestation of the inner state and how we are choosing to express in the world, we can perceive and therefore recover the body and our health differently and our self-awareness galvanises. 

    You can creatively use these tools and applications to instruct your system to adapt to the outcome required. Sustaining change becomes the work, it requires a heightening of awareness of the body-mind in action. It requires practice, but that is all. 

    How will you benefit? 

    • This programme offers tools and application for an increased sensory perception of what has been called the 6th sense. 
    • You will deepen into specific practices and further applications including hands on systemic touch work to elicit specific neurofascial change. 
    • You will learn to see how your mind and habit patterns are creating the restrictions experienced in the body, and learn to change these through kinaesthetic re-patterning, mind-full-ness and release.  
    • You will realise more specifically the concept of 'victims and culprits' and use this awareness to resolve the compensation puzzle and consciously re-set the system. 
    • This programme offers the opportunity for profound personal change. 
    • It is about learning from experience and then translating it into your professional field. 
    • It offers rehabilitation at its deepest expression (re-able-habitation). 
    • It is the medicine for the 21st century.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Bridge 2 is also the pre-requisite for our specialist qualifying component Bridge to CPM 


  • Dates and times

    Thursday 7 February:          13:30 - 19:30
    Friday 8 February:               12:00 - 19:00
    Saturday 9 February:          09:00 - 17:00
    Sunday 10 February:           09:00 - 15:00

  • Joachim Schultz

    Life is a journey, mine has taken me so far through 4 different German cities, London and eventually Zurich, 22 flats and diverse life, love and work experiences, to this moment in life, where the only thing certain is change.

    And change is what my experiences have helped me to embrace, and what my working expertise and knowledge enable me to help others find in themselves.

    Our body is constantly changing, adapting and renewing itself.

    Thanks to Centre for Spatial Medicine /CPM Education© and Karin Locher, as well as Kinesis UK©, James Earls, Don Thompson, Wojciech Cackowski and Lou Benson I have learned to apply cutting edge science and discoveries in the world that is our human body to my movement and manual work with my clients and students.

    As advanced Psych-K© facilitator, thanks to Brunhild Hofmann, I have tools in my toolbox that help changing belief systems.

    I am grateful to be a teacher within the Centre for Spatial Medicine/ CPM education© faculty, a structural integrator of the KMI© community and a member of the Psych-K© family. All of which allow me to explore my own ways within our common denominators. It’s such an amazing playground to find oneself in.

    The journey has just begun.


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