Bridge 3 to CPM


from December 2019

Zurich, Switzerland

Joachim Schultz

  • "I really appreciate the way the course is structured, and the access to one on one and more intimate instruction. I know that working that closely with students requires a lot of energy and focus from both of you, and I appreciate the way you gave so generously. 'Strength through expansion' is my new motto and I endeavor to apply it to all areas/relationships in my life. Not only was my body stretched, but my mind and soul." Laura Phillips. Peak Faculty, Houston 

    Programme overview:

    This course will bring an additional perspective to your Pilates experience, offering another layer of understanding to the original teachings of Contrology.  You will discover that working within the fascial paradigm aligns with the Pilates methodology.  You will embody new skills to empower your teaching to be trasnformative and healing. 

    This Pilates Bridge programme will shed new light on the principles of Joseph Pilates' work and its capacity for physical, physiological and psychological transformation. .

    The Pilates Studio is an environment to which your fascia responds. By consciously and intentionally using the apparatus with neuromyofascial awareness, you created profound and sustained movement and habitual change.  

    Bridge to CPM is taught in small groups to ensure a personalised learning environment.

    • Learn the original Studio repertoire from a fascia perspective.
    • Learn to use the repertoire to inform the fascia and how to connect to the fascial meridians to better understand and enable the repertoire.
    • Learn to use Anatomy Trains map as a guide to the neuromyo fascial body.
    • Observe session demonstrations with clients.
    • Observe the full repertoire demonstrated in the Lecture Series.


    How long is Bridge 3:

    8 days: 3 x  2 day weekends and 2 single revision days: Total 56 hours

    What qualification will I get:

    It offers a Bridge to CPM Certification enabling you to take the PMA 3rd Party Certification exam, should you choose to.

    Programme Assessments:

    Practical and written exams will be given within 1-9 months of your training to determine your qualification.

    Please note, the programme does not guarantee you a qualification.


    Both the exams must be passed to achieve this.  You are able to retake your exam within 6 months.  Practical retakes are charged at £150.  Written retakes are charged at £50.

    Programme Pre-requisite: 

    A 450 hour full Studio Pilates Teaching Certification.

    Attendance of the 3 of the 4 Lecture Series, 1 taken before the start and 2 during the course

    2 Fascia workshops.

  • Weekend 1:    7 – 8 December 2019

    Weekend 2:    25 – 26 January 2020

    Weekend 3:    7 – 8 March 2020

    Revision:         9 May 2020

                            6 June 2020

  • Joachim Schultz

    Life is a journey, mine has taken me so far through 4 different German cities, London and eventually Zurich, 22 flats and diverse life, love and work experiences, to this moment in life, where the only thing certain is change.

    And change is what my experiences have helped me to embrace, and what my working expertise and knowledge enable me to help others find in themselves.

    Our body is constantly changing, adapting and renewing itself.

    Thanks to Centre for Spatial Medicine /CPM Education© and Karin Locher, as well as Kinesis UK©, James Earls, Don Thompson, Wojciech Cackowski and Lou Benson I have learned to apply cutting edge science and discoveries in the world that is our human body to my movement and manual work with my clients and students.

    As advanced Psych-K© facilitator, thanks to Brunhild Hofmann, I have tools in my toolbox that help changing belief systems.

    I am grateful to be a teacher within the Spatial Medicine/ CPM education© faculty, a structural integrator of the KMI© community and a member of the Psych-K© family. All of which allow me to explore my own ways within our common denominators. It’s such an amazing playground to find oneself in.

    The journey has just begun.

  • Pilateszone, Lavaterstrasse 44, 8002 Zürich-Enge, Switzerland