Connecting to Fascia


The dynamics and mechanics of the moving body

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November 15 - 17, 2019

Zurich, Switzerland

Joachim Schultz

  • Workshop Overview:

    This workshop looks at the role of fascia and the dynamics and mechanics of the moving body; how the muscles rely on fascia for their information and how it responds accordingly to accommodate the required action. We will use movement to recognise this orchestration in action and to know where the tissue is inhibited; you will learn how to work with fascia to best effect free and efficient movement. 

    Learn about bio-mechanical integration, bio-intelligence, spatial movement, injury response and repair and a means for healing.

    Connecting to Fascia is open to all movers and performance seekers and professionals and health influencers looking to work from this new paradigm.

    The Benefits

    • Identify and understand the required fascial continuities for basic movement orientations.
    • Learn to use the Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains map to guide you around and through the fascial body.
    • Recognise fascial imbalances, strain and habit patterns that in time become symptoms, syndromes and conditions.
    • Learn to feel sense and effect the organisation of the ‘subtle body’ through movement.
    • Learn a new sensory language that will free and enhance movement.
    • Learn to “restore to reset" neuromyo fascial continuities which influence performance, posture and physiology.


    Why Choose This Workshop?

    Connecting to Fascia looks at the way fascia is hard wired to respond to every moment, adapting accordingly to allow us to move through our day. If the fascia is not available to sufficiently slide and shear as we move, movement is restricted and can be painful; the tissue adapts itself to the limitation and compensates to accommodate leading to strain patterns.

    Over this weekend discover how to identify these problematic areas of movement compensation and its causes, and feel the fascial pathways at play in your own body. Using Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains as a guide, you will learn basic bio-mechanical patterns to observe the fascial continuities and to notice and sense in yourself and others where they are lost or disturbed, how to reconnect and free them and in so doing enhance the efficiency of your every move.   

    Re-store to re-set the body to enable it to do what it does bestto keep us well

  • Friday 15 November               14.00 – 18.00

    Saturday 16 November          9.00 – 17.00

    Sunday 17 November             9.00 – 17.00

  • Joachim Schultz

    Life is a journey, mine has taken me so far through 4 different German cities, London and eventually Zurich, through 22 flats and diverse life, love and work experiences, to this moment in life, where the only thing certain is change.
    And change is what my experiences has helped me to embrace, and what my working expertise and knowledge enable me to help others find in themselves.

    Our body is constantly changing, adapting and renewing itself.

    Thanks to Spatial Medicine /CPM Education© and Karin Locher, as well as Kinesis UK©, James Earls, Don Thompson, Wojciech Cackowski and Lou Benson I have learned to apply cutting edge science and discoveries in the world that is our human body to my movement and manual work with my clients and students.

    As advanced Psych-K© facilitator, thanks to Brunhild Hofmann, I have tools in my toolbox that help changing belief systems.

    I am grateful to be a teacher within the Spatial Medicine/ CPM Education© faculty, a structural integrator of the KMI© community and a member of the Psych-K© family. All of which allow me to explore my own ways within our common denominators. It’s such an amazing playground to find oneself in.

    The journey has just begun.

  • Pilateszone, Lavaterstrasse 44, 8002 Zürich-Enge, Switzerland