Connecting to Fascia


The dynamics and mechanics of the moving body

24, 25 April & 8 May 2021


Karin Locher


Hosted by Barbara Mayr, Pilates Akademie

  • Workshop Overview:

    This workshop looks at the role of fascia and the dynamics and mechanics of the moving body. We will use movement to observe and sense feel the fascia's orchestration in action to see and feel where the tissue is inhibited; you will learn how to target specific fasciae through movements to best effect free and efficient bio-mechanics.

    You will learn about bio-intelligence, bio-mechanical integration, spatial movement, injury response and repair and a means for healing.

    Connecting to Fascia is open to all movers, performance seekers, therapists and professionals and health influencers looking to better understand this new paradigm.

    The Benefits

    • Identify, understand and feel sense the required fascial continuities for movement orientations.
    • Learn to use the latest force transmission continunities to guide you through the fascia body.
    • Recognise fascial imbalances, strain and habit patterns that in time become symptoms, syndromes and conditions.
    • Learn to feel sense the ‘subtle body’ and effect this organisation through movements.
    • Learn a sensory language to free targeted tissue to enhance the movement.
    • Learn the means to 'restore to reset' the fascial system which directly influences performance, posture and physiology.


    Why Choose This Workshop?

    Connecting to Fascia looks at the way the fascia system is hard wired to respond to our every moment, adapting accordingly to allow us to move through the day. If the fascia is not available to sufficiently slide and shear as we move, movement is restricted and can be painful; the tissue then adapts to this limitation and compensations are made to accommodate the requirement, which in time lead to strain and pain patterns. Over this weekend you will discover how to identify these problematic areas of movement compensation and their causes by feeling the fascial pathways at play in your own body. You will learn Spatial Medicine movement patterns to observe the fascial continuities in yourself and others to notice where they are lost or disturbed. You will be given the tools to re-connect and free the tissue continuum and in so doing enhance the efficiency of your every move.

    Re-store and re-set the body to enable it to do what it does best keep you well

  •  24 & 25 April 9.00-17.00

    8 May 8.00-12.00

  • Karin Locher

    For over 17 years Karin Locher has been building on her quest to understand and explore the phenomena of the ‘vital force’ (and lack of) that determines both our health and performance. With the new insights coming from Fascia research she has created a pioneering new application for Spatial Medicine: 'Changing mind-set, movement and structural-relationships to change the outcome.'

    Karin’s long standing fascination with the vital force is changing people and changing lives - a methodology that influences to re-store and re-set the neuro-myo-fascial system, thus enabling the body to do what it does best, keep us well. The result is Spatial Medicine. A medicine she believes is more appropriate for the 21st century symptoms and syndromes that we are seeing today.

  • Online via Zoom

    Local and Booking Contact:

    Barbara Mayr  +43 680 1342 100