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10 day Programme

Coming in 2019

This programme certifies you in the Bridge to CPM (Contrology Pilates Method) Certification

Category: Bridge 3

  • "I really appreciate the way the course is structured, and the access to one on one and more intimate instruction. I know that working that closely with students requires a lot of energy and focus from both of you, and I appreciate the way you gave so generously. 

    'Strength through expansion' is my new motto and I endeavor to apply it to all areas/relationships in my life. Not only was my body stretched, but my mind and soul." Laura Phillips. Peak Faculty, Houston 

    Programme overview:

    This body of work offers a broader view and ever further insight into the original teachings of Contrology, learnt from the latest fascial revelations which have been found reflected within the Pilates Studio Methodology.

    It takes you through the most commonly used Studio Repertoire experiencing your own fascia at work.

    From a specific fascial application to the Studio apparatus and yourselves, new senses and new eyes are found to feel, see and be able to work with the neuromyofascia phenomena. 

    Using the Anatomy Trains as a guide to our inner selves, the Bridge to CPM teaches you to recognise fascial imbalances, restrictions, limitations and potential, and more importantly how to work with them, all from the full Studio repertoire.

    It sheds new light on the underlying principles of Mr Pilates' work and its transforming physiological potential. Whole Health, one of the 3 Pilates principles, takes on a whole new meaning!

    Bridge 3 is taught in small groups to ensure a felt sense learning is had by all.

    How long is Bridge 3:

    10 days over four 2 day weekends and 2 revision days: Total 58hrs

    What qualification will I get:

    It offers the Bridge to CPM Certification

    Programme Assessments:

    Practical and written exams will be given within 1-9 months of your training to determine your qualification.

    Please note, the programme does not guarantee you a qualification.

    Both the exams must be passed to achieve this.  You are able to retake your exam within 6 months.  Practical retakes are charged at £150.  Written retakes are charged at £50.

    Where can I take the Programme:

    The Programme is offered in the UK, Zurich, Houston and Dubai

    Programme Pre-requisite:

    Bridge Prelude and Bridge 2 and a minimum 450 hour full Studio Pilates Teaching Certification.

  • Coming in 2019 - dates to be confirmed

  • Joyce Ulrich

    Joyce was first introduced to Pilates at Houston Ballet where she danced professionally for 10 years, retiring in 1995. Pilates helped her rehabilitate from serious injury, allowing her to successfully return to the stage and extend her career. She began her study of the Pilates method in 1998, and has continued to deepen her understanding through workshops with first generation teachers, Pilates Method Alliance Certification (Gold Standard, 2003), as well as the Pilates Center of Boulder's Masters Program (2009). In constant search for more depth and greater possibility, Joyce is also a Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner with special focus on the foot and face, a Rossiter Coach, and an Anatomy Trains Associate Teacher.

    In 2013, she serendipitously crossed paths with Karin Locher as they were both assisting an Anatomy Trains workshop. She found Karin's true embodiment of the myofascial meridians in their wholeness so mesmerizing that she invited her to introduce this work in the Houston area.

    Over the course of the following two years, Joyce successfully completed Spatial Medicine's first Bridge to CPM held in the United States, and has continued on to join the international Faculty Team of Spatial Medicine. She shares her love of this work both at Pilates Treehouse, a fascial playground, and at Houston Ballet, using the inner spatial relationships of the body to heal and empower.

  • Pilates Treehouse Fascial PlayGround, 108 W 10th 1/2 Street, Houston, Texas 77008.

    Local contact: Centre for Spatial medicine

    +44 (0) 1442 833 487 (UK)

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