Lecture 4: Barrels, Ped-I-Pull and Matwork


14 PMA CEC points available

October 26 - 27, 2019

St Gallen, Switzerland

Fiona McIntosh

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Local bookings through Barbara Studer 071 534 42 02 barbara.studer@room4.ch

  • Imagine if the vision could be even bigger than we dreamed.

    An interactive demonstration of how the Pilates repertoire changes the neuromyo fascia, creating lasting structural and systemic change. 

    Our faculty will guide you on a neuromyo fascial journey to help you better affect how your interaction with the apparatus informs a multiple of elements in the body.

    • See the depth in the Historical Pilates Repertoire.
    • Follow the processes and philosophies readily available in the established choreography.
    • Experience how these 4 interactive lectures unlock the expanse of the method and the body.
    • Challenge your perspective of movement and stability
    • Free the body to create greater ease for increased efficiency and enhanced performance.

  • 26 October 2019         10.00 – 17.00

    27 October 2019         10.00 – 17.00

  • Fiona McIntosh

    Born and educated in London, Fiona was a keen gymnast and dancer from early childhood, and studied jazz into her twenties as well as practicing yoga. Her other passion was books and she worked in publishing before re-connecting with her initial passion of movement. It was in 2004 that she became a client at Karin Locher’s studio and her thirst for knowledge led her to first study with Body Control (Certified in 2005) and then with Polestar Education (Studio Certified in 2007) and then with CPM Education (certified in 2008).

    In 2010 Fiona became a full-time pilates teacher working from Karin Locher’s studio. She continued her education and knowledge of the fascial communication system attending courses with Steven Goldstein (integrated fascial release), Ann and Chris Frederick (Fascial Stretch Therapy), Robert Schleip, Tom E Myers’ Anatomy Trains, Peter E Levine (somatic experiencing) and Emilie Conrad (continiuum). She is now Director of two studios, The Pilates Team in Hertfordshire and The Santosha Studio in Wiltshire. She is PMA certified and a senior faculty teacher with Cenrtre for Spatial Medicine. She is also studying with senior teacher Claire Murphy to become a yoga teacher, she practices Inidra meditation and consistently continues her Spatial Medicine education.

    Fiona has spent years watching her body and her spirit change through her movement practice, initially to come out of pain but ultimately she has given herself space to breathe and just "to be” and she passionately shares that journey with others; clients, other teachers and students to enable them on their own journey.

  • room4 Pilates & Yoga, Rosenbergstr. 10, 9000 St Gallen

    Local Contact: Barbara Studer 071 534 42 02 info@room4.ch