Mind Over Fascia


From thought to desired change

November 30 - December 1, 2019

Vienna, Austria

Karin Locher

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  • Workshop Overview: 

    These 2 days will teach you how our thinking, beliefs and emotions influence and effect the fascia, and thereby effect our physiology.

    You will learn a method to recognise and change your mind-set, health-set, heart-set and soul-set.

    Open to all mind and body oriented professionals, therapists and enthusiasts.

    Through the function of your imagination, mind-body exercises and sensory language, you will experience how what you think and what you imagine posture the body into its ‘fascial form’. You will learn and experience how structural relationships and tensional patterns can be altered through the mind-set. Recognising the influence of the mind-set on our biology, and the ability we have to change this is, I believe, the key to a new level of healing and renewal.

    The mind-body relationship becomes the expression of our health and lives.

    Learn to recognise this intertwined relationship and learn ways to bring it into balance for desired change.

    The Benefits:

    • Deepen your interoception, the awareness of your inner state, the 7th sense.
    • Access the mind-set to recognise the thought patterns, emotional patterns and belief patterns that have captured the body.
    • Learn tools and applications to recognise these in others.
    • Learn daily practices to build willpower and deepen attention enhancing the ability to attune to your body and the great power of the mind.
    • Explore the hidden narrative within the body.
    • Learn to change your mind-set for the sake of your health.

    Why Choose This Workshop?

    You will gain an advanced insight into the mind-body-spirit relationship inspired by the methodology of Spatial Medicine; changing mind-set, structure and movement to enable the body to do what it does best, keep us well.

    You will learn to recognise the messages of the mind-set that the body is responding to which have brought it to where it is today. You will be given the tools to make required changes and build and strengthen the mind-set, health-set, heart- set and soul-set.

     Make a shift and learn to engage with the mind for desired change.

  • 30 November - 1 December 2019 9.00 – 17.00

  • Karin Locher

    For over 17 years Karin Locher has been building on her quest to understand and explore the phenomena of the ‘vital force’ (and lack of) that determines both our health and performance. With the new insights coming from the recovering research of Fascia and with Thomas Myers' revolutionary Anatomy Trains she created a pioneering new application for Spatial Medicine: 'Changing movement, mind and structural-relationships to change the person.'

    Karin’s long standing fascination with the vital force, or lack of, is changing people and changing lives - a methodology that influences to re-store and re-set the neuro-myo-fascial system, thus enabling the body to do what it does best, keep us well. The result is Spatial Medicine. A medicine she believes is far more appropriate for the 21st century symptoms and syndromes that we are seeing.

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  • Pilates Akademie, Jordangasse 7 / 3A, 1010 Vienna, Austria


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