Bridge 1 (1 day)


October 3, 2019

Ibiza, Spain

Karin Locher

Spanish Translation

Hosted by Isabel Bermejo, Isabel Ibiza Pilates
T: + 34 607 14 35 86 E: W:

  • For those wanting to attend Bridge 2 and did not attend  Bridge 1, or those that want an extra day of revision

    This 1 day workshop will be an introduction to fascia, looking at the effect fascia has on the moving body and how it influences our functionality, performance, posture and well-being. 

    • We will learn to read the Anatomy Trains map to help navigate ourselves around the fascial body.
    • We will learn to feel these facial meridians in our own body.
    • We will learn the different ways in which we influence fascia and how to work with it to enhance our movement potential and health.
  • Thursday 3 October 2019 10.00 – 18.00

  • Karin Locher

    For over 18 years Karin Locher has been building on her quest to understand and work with the phenomena of the human body’s vital force (or the lack of), that determines both health and growth. With insights from the recovered and on-going research of fascia, she has created a pioneering new Method of Spatial Medicine: changing mind, movement and inner structure to change the physiological state and circumstance.

    She is the founder of Centre for Spatial Medicine that offers Professional Development programmes and workshops, Mentoring's and Teacher Trainings across the world. 

    Karin’s mind shifting approach to body/mind medicine is changing people and changing lives; it is a methodology that influences to re-set the physiological state through the neuromyofascia, thus enabling the body to do what it does best, rejuvenate the cells that keep us well.

    She is recognised as a pioneer in the neuromyofascia arena; introducing a new universal language, that brings profound and transforming realisation of the essential role we have within the functionality and health of our own body.

  • Centro Cultural de Jesús
    Carrer Faisán, 7
    07819 Jesús
    Illes Balears, Ibiza

    Local/Booking Contact:

    Isabel Ibiza Pilates
    Isabel Bermejo: +34 607 14 35 86 /