The Intensive Matwork Week


The 34 Pilates Matwork Sequence learnt from a fascial perspective

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POSTPONED until September 23 – 27, 2020


Fiona McIntosh

Spanish Translation

Hosted by Gloria Gastaminza E: T: +34 655 572 333
32 PMA CEC points available

  •  'I have had huge successes experimenting with my teaching and personal practice via our "fascial lens" from our course. So far, my clients I have taught who have chronic LBP, reconstructive surgery, trauma and other stories are ALL doing full Roll-Ups and eye-level 100's with tons of traction and most importantly, NO PAIN. This work is amazing, blows my mind, and, so far, my clients' too!?' - Maria, Studio owner - Houston

    What this workshop will offer you:

    Learn the original matwork repertoire, experienced, clarified and felt through the myofascial system.

    This Intensive Matwork week will teach the rhyme and reason for the now somewhat historical Pilates Matwork repertoire. With a unique sense felt fascial application of the 12 Anatomy Trains, you will learn to feel and organise the functionality of the original Pilates exercises.

    The newly appreciated myofascial research brings phenomenal clarity to the roots and intention of the Pilates Method; it provides the missing link to our understanding, movement and awareness.

    This fun, progressive and body mind opening week will change your Matwork experience forever.

    "Fantastic! Thank you so much. The Matwork will never be the same again, a new dimension has been experienced." Sean Campbell, Barcelona.

  • 23 – 27 June September 2020

    10.00 – 17.00

  • Fiona McIntosh

    Fiona first studied with Body Control (Certified in 2005), with Polestar Education (Studio Certified in 2007) and then with CPM Education (certified in 2008).

    In 2010 Fiona became a full-time pilates teacher working from Karin Locher’s studio. She continued her education and knowledge of the fascial communication system attending courses with Steven Goldstein (integrated fascial release), Ann and Chris Frederick (Fascial Stretch Therapy), Robert Schleip, Tom E Myers’ Anatomy Trains, Peter E Levine (somatic experiencing) and Emilie Conrad (continiuum). She is now Director of two studios, The Pilates Team in Hertfordshire and The Santosha Studio in Wiltshire. She is PMA certified and a senior faculty teacher with Centre for Spatial Medicine | CPM Education. She is also studying with senior teacher Claire Murphy to become a yoga teacher, she practices Inidra meditation and consistently continues her Spatial Medicine education.

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