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17 November 2018

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  • The Still-place of Movement

    I am always grateful for the circumstances that lead me into the world of 'internal practice' and the wealth of new understandings and openings that it brought me. In my more recent teachings I make it a focal point to pay greater attention to the unacknowledged inner gesture which expresses itself in our outer world. In the world of macro forces and much distraction, the need to notice the complementary opposing life of the micro systems increases each day. Movement and stillness are not separate from each other, they go hand in hand to bring about focus, attention, direction and meaning. It is time to listen in, give the attention to see other-wise and learn more.

    You will learn interoceptive exercises, referred to as the seventh sense, to help notice the unacknowledged gestures and know the still place that accompanies your movement.

  • The Still-place of Movement

    Saturday 17 November 2018    14.00 – 17.00

  • Karin Locher

    Karin Locher is a visionary in the field of mind body healing, pioneering neuro-fascia awareness with her unique methodology of Spatial Medicine; changing our mind-set, structure and movementto enable our ownrecovery and vitality through the very fabric of our own body. 

    The founder of Centre for Spatial Medicine, she and her expert faculty team inspire and train restorative medical educators and body/movement professionals worldwide,offeringProfessional and Personal Development, Workshops and Programmes.

    Teacher and presenter for over 18 years, Karin is an affiliated partner with Anatomy Trains; certified with Fascial Fit-ness and practitioner of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing, Structural Integration and Reconnective Healing.

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  • Pilateszone, Lavaterstrasse 44, 8002 Zurich-Enge, Switzerland

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