Apprenticeship Preparatory Programme

Preparing you for the Apprenticeship Teacher Training

This programme is available in the UK and Houston

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Programme overview

The Preparatory Programme is designed to assist you in achieving a basic to intermediate level of performance necessary in order for acceptance  into the Apprenticeship Teacher Training. It is a pre-requisite to the Apprenticeship, as you will need sufficient proficiency in performing the Contrology Pilates Method before entering the Apprenticeship, where the focus becomes learning how to teach others.

The criteria for joining the Preparatory Programme are as follows:

  • Some sound experience within the Pilates Method with exposure to the Pilates Studio.
  • Demonstration of some inner awareness and a level of body and movement embodiment.
  • Injury free.
  • Post partum 6 months or more.
  • Passion, enthusiasm, discipline and commitment - without these you won’t be going far!
  • Good basic anatomical knowledge and understanding.

    We highly recommend the reading of Anatomy Trains 3rd Edition by Thomas Myers and watching Anatomy Trains webinars or You Tube clips before the commencing of your Preparatory Programme.

    How long does it take?

    3 to 9 months, depending on your previous experience and knowledge in the Pilates method. This will be assessed, discussed and planned with you individually. Students should anticipate a minimum of 2 hours training per week with an additional minimum 2-3 hours practice hours per week (for a minimum of 3 months), or the equivalent time arranged in blocks if you are living far away or working full time.

    What will you achieve?

    The Preparatory Programme provides tools and experience designed to help you achieve the level of ability and knowledge in the traditional Pilates exercises necessary for the Teacher Training. The Preparatory Programme does not offer any qualifications, other than being a pre-requisite to the  Apprenticeship. 

    Please note that It does not guarantee acceptance into the Apprenticeship. An assessment will be made by your teacher to determine when you are ready to start your full training. A written paper will be asked for so that we can see what areas you are needing most support with (please note this written paper is not a pass or fail paper).

    Lesson Schedule (to be endorsed by your Faculty Teacher)

    Each student is unique and needs different amounts and types of classes. Your advisor/teacher will help develop your schedule by suggesting which classes (if any) should be taken each week to reach your goals. 

    Your training schedule will be arranged between you and your local Faculty Teacher.

    The Apprenticeship Preparatory Observation Journal

    You will keep a personal journal by writing down what was confusing in your own body, any imbalances or tightness that became more apparent and how the teacher tried to correct them, what you did or did not understand and any breakthroughs. You should do this after each lesson or observation. By putting these observations into writing you will learn more about movement in your own body and will better be able to identify strengths and/or weaknesses that might help or impede your progress as you go through the programme. 

    Training Hours

    Average of 50 hours depending on previous experience


    A minimum of 100 self practice hours (during standard studio hours and subject to availability). Self Practice should be done after a lesson so that you can remember and apply what you learned. This will help you understand your body, as well as the choreography, order, breath and repetitions.

    What are the fees?

    The Preparatory Programme is a flexible programme designed around your specific situation and location. Our payment structure provides for this flexibility by charging separately for the programme and studio/private sessions. This means that students only pay for the studio time they require and that you have the option of taking some or all of these preparatory hours with any of our Faculty Teachers in the UK or Houston.

    Programme fees:

    A one off payment to Centre for Spatial Medicine of 800 USD for the duration of the programme whether this takes you 3 or 9 months.

    The above fees DO NOT COVER your actual training hours, these you will be charged for separately at the faculty teachers' private rate and class rate should you be attending classes as well.

    Please note that all bookings are subject to our standard terms and conditions.