3-Day Intensive with Karin Locher

Available in Dubai and the Dominican Republic

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An opportunity to clear chronic pain, ill health or trauma; to upgrade your-self, your health and your life, to gain greater clarity and perspective, enhance your functionality or performance and move beyond the resistance that is stopping you thrive.

8 hours of Spatial Medicine sessions plus one Iyengar class: 1600 USD/6000 AED

12 hours of Spatial Medicine sessions plus two Iyengar classes: 2450 USD/8900 AED 

Are you ready to heal what needs to heal, and change what you would like to see changed in your life? Through a new paradigm of the body, Karin's unique integrated psychosomatic psychological approach works with the Neuromyofascial system to change habit patterns and mind set for restored body and mind.  Becoming more conscious of how your body reacts and what it is reacting to, will enable you to elicit change at will.


  • Changing of habit patterns and the awareness of the environments that have led you to where you are today; how your body is responding to your mind-set and life choices.
  • Resumed body efficiency and restored resilience for optimum health and performance
  • Altered inner state, that which expresses as your outer world
  • Shedding of unwanted biologically wired responses that keep you trapped in pain, trauma or life circumstance
  • Tools to consciously reduce the stress responses in your life.
  • Through both physical and attitudinal re-alignment, a reset of your system to gift back your body’s inherent ability to heal

Why Choose Private Sessions with Karin?

Karin Locher is a visionary in the field of mind body healing. Her extraordinary and very personal insight into the mind-body-spirit relationship inspires her unique methodology forof Spatial Medicine; changing mind-set, structure and movement to enable our own recovery and live fully. 

Using a combination of Neuromyofascial bodywork, kinetic re-patterning, trauma healing, mental and emotional alignment and reconnection, Karin works with you to change the patterns causing your symptoms and resistance and helps you to change them for life. 

Through her unique approach, you will learn the art of self–tuning to reset your own system allowing your body to recover its inherent ability to function and heal. 

Re-set the body state to enable the body to do what it does best - keep you well 

Ongoing Support:

3 months of monthly, fortnightly or weekly Skype sessions are available to support integration and accountability. 



The 3 day intensive is offered at the Centre for Spatial Medicine on the beach in Dubai and the beautiful Natura Cabana http://www.naturacabana.com in the Dominican Republic.


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3 Day Intensive

8 Hours1600 USD/ 6000 AED (inc. 5% vat)

12 Hours: 2450 USD / 8900 AED (inc. 5% vat)

Please note this price does not include accommodation.

Accommodation is available next door to the Centre- priced separately, please contact us for details.

*(Please note that the UAE and USA exchange rate will vary at the time of booking according to the days currency exchange rates)