Private Sessions with Karin Locher

When it feels like your health is problematic or your body isnt working at its best, theres Applied Spatial Medicine.

Applied Spatial Medicine facilitates the healing of your body, regardless of your condition, injury or ailment. Its a powerful approach used to recover the body in a non-invasive way.

Think of it as a way of hitting reset on reaction patterns stored in the body, and reprogramming them for wellness, vitality and longevity.

How does Applied Spatial Medicine work? 

Applied Spatial Medicine works by realigning the body’s structural relationships that are connected by fascia—a connective tissue beneath the skin that connects, encloses and separates the muscles, nerves and organs.

The fascia is like a bodywide fabric that influences all the other systems; it responds to everything we do; our thinking, emotions, actions and the environment. The fascia receives every experience. You can liken it to being an antenna, providing your body with information to respond to situations in its day to day operations. 

Given this, to facilitate any sort of long lasting recovery, change, healing and health in the body, we start by resetting the fascial system. 

Conditions Spatial Medicine Treats

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Back and neck pain
  • Sports or gym-related injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal injuries
  • Depression
  • Tinnitus
  • Imbalances in body senses (inability to move or access parts of the body)
  • IBS & other digestive disorders
  • Emotional disorders
  • Pre-surgery conditions/injuries
  • Post-surgery healing
  • Thyroid issues
  • Chronic Pain
  • Pelvic issues
  • Pregnancy issues


'I highly recommend all trainers and coaches to visit this awesome lady and learn about your body, its restrictions placed on it by you, your life, upbringing, issues and worries and learn how you "perform", "move" and "live" better. It is truly eye and mind opening!' Phil Robson, Personal Coach, Dubai

What does an Applied Spatial Medicine session involve?

During your session, Karin will support you to release tension patterns or shock stored in your body, resulting from current or past injuries or trauma sustained in your life. Using Neuromyofascial bodywork, psychosomatic therapy and  trauma healing, you will realign your body and mind to operate at its optimum level.

Karin empowers you to become more aware of how you affect your own body functions, so you walk away more in-tune with yourself and able to self-tune in any given situation.


  • Body movements become efficient. Resilience for greater health and performance is restored.
  • Learn tools to reduce the stress responses in your life consciously.
  • Shed unconscious biologically wired responses that keep you trapped in pain, trauma or life circumstance.
  • Shift old habits and pain patterns. Gain awareness of the environments that have led you to where you are today; recognise how your body is responding to your current mindset and life choices.
  • Gain physical, mental, spiritual and attitudinal alignment to reset your system and gift back your body’s inherent ability to heal.
  • Renewed inner state.

Why Choose Private Sessions with Karin?

Karin Locher is a visionary in the field of mind body healing. Her extraordinary and very personal insight into the mind-body-spirit relationship inspires her unique psychosomatic methodology of Spatial Medicine; changing mind-set, health-set, heart-set and soul-set to enable recovery and live fully. 

Karin uses a combination of neuromyofascial bodywork, kinetic repatterning, trauma healing, mental, attitudinal, emotional and spiritual alignment and Reconnection. 

Through her unique approach, you will learn the art of self–tuning to enable you to reset your own system to life time resolve. 



  • Single 60 minute sessions



Private sessions are available at the Centre for Spatial Medicine in Dubai.

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Or contact Karin Locher directly:

+971 52 547 8787 ( UAE)


Single 60 minute sessions*: 

Dubai 650 AED (inc. 5% vat) 



Course of 6 x 60 minute sessions*: 

Dubai 3600 AED (inc. 5% vat)