Communicating with Fascia

The Dialogue of Touch

2.5 Day Workshop

'The quality of instructions and information was excellent, allowing me to understand how I can incorporate these ways into my osteopathic practice. A brilliant 3 days.'
- Malcolm Gregory, Osteopathic Health Centre, Dubai

Workshop Overview: 

Working with the stimuli of touch this workshop offers advanced Spatial Medicine applications and energetic touch techniques affecting specifically targeted and deep fascial change. Designed to build on understanding of the fascia’s response to vibration, it provides you with greater confidence to use your hands and the dialogue of touch as tools to listen in with, support the tissue specific and bring about both local and global change. 

You will learn to re-regulate systemically to improve both form and function.

This workshop is experiential - you will learn through your own experience to then apply and infuse it into your professional field.

Communicating with Fascia is open to all body and mind orientated professionals looking to learn how to affect the fascial body through their hands. This work is a rehabilitation (re-able-habitation) at its deepest level. 


  • Learn enhanced hands on Spatial Medicine applications and energetic touch techniques to elicit both tissue specific and systemic change.
  • Learn to re-regulate the auto-sympathetic nervous system, and in so doing change the environment that the fascia responds to enabling greater availability and continuity.
  • Discover the awareness and enhancement of interoception; how to sense and recognise the inner state, referred to as the seventh sense.
  • Map how fascial change in one part of the body will affect the whole continuity, learn how to identify restrictions and free them with your hands. 
  • Recognise the before and after of touch; observe increased movement efficiency and reregulated kinetic organisation.
  • Learn an Anatomy Trains ‘eye’ to observe and assess the before and after. 

Why choose this Workshop?

Fascia is continuously responding to everything that we do, think and feel; to the emotional body and how we react and live in our world. It adapts to our habits and compensations that we operate under both consciously and unconsciously every day. It does not differentiate between a negative or positive action, it is simply wired to respond.

Learning to understand why and how this ongoing fascial response mechanism can create the physical limitations and conditions that we are living with today, guides you in confidence to use your hands as tools for conscious and targeted fascial response. The systemic applications which regulate the fascia system will support long-term physiological and psychosomatic change.


2.5 days:


Certificate of Completion


Communicating with Fascia is available in various locations around the world.
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Workshop Fee:

655 USD 2.5 days / 365 USD 1.5 day (UAE only)