Karin Locher


"There is a human design, one connected system and universal patterns affected by many different factors; the potential to heal and evolve exists within us all"

Karin Locher is a visionary in the field of mind body healing. Her extraordinary and very personal insight into the mind-body-spirit relationship inspires her unique methodology for Spatial Medicine; changing mind-set, structure and movement to enable our own recovery and live fully. 

Her quest of 20 years to understand the vital life force was driven by what many would describe as a series of health crises. In her own words, she calls these ‘gifted times,’ showing her the ‘why’ of illness and the ‘how to’ of healing.

Today, her insights into how the mind, emotions, movement, vibration, spirit and  environment affect our physiology, forms the foundation of her pioneering Spatial Medicine methodology:

Re-set to re-store the body state to enable it to do what it does best
 -to keep us well


At the heart of Karin’s work is the belief that working with the ‘medicinal mechanisms’ of the body that optimise the self-regulation of our growth, health and renewal is a more appropriate approach to healing for the many symptoms we are seeing today.

Learning with the Elders

Karin is an affiliated partner with Anatomy Trains, a practitioner of Structural Integration, Trauma Healing, Fascial Fit-ness and Reconnective Healing.

In 2000 she certified with Pilates International in London and with the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) USA; but she claims to have acquired her true movement and restorative understanding while studying individually with the first generation Pilates Elders between 2000 -2006. In 2006, introduced to the world of Fascia through Thomas Myers, her world changed. After numerous fascial dissections, and fascial trainings, thousands of clients and hundreds of students later she created her own methodology for Spatial Medicine. 

Sharing Knowledge...  

Karin's work is attracting body and mind professionals and students from different fields around the world, creating an inter-disciplinary universal language for all those interested or involved in rehabilitation, health restoration and optimal performance. She is recognised as a leading light in the field of neuro-myo-fascial awareness, training and healing.

The founder of Centre for Spatial Medicine, a mind body spirit continuing education and training organisation, Karin's pioneering neuro-fascia insights into rehabilitation and chronic pain therapy are uniting and inspiring medical, manual and movement educators and professionals around the world.

Inspiring Profound Change

Karin now works out of the Middle East, dedicating her heart and time to those inspired to unravel the great human potential. Along with the members of her Faculty, they offer Professional and Personal Development, Workshops and Training Programmes worldwide.