Karin Locher

 ‘I will highlight Karin as one of those special teachers we once meet in life that redirects our life and enables us to find the answer by ourselves.’ - Valentina Cabreira Vieira, Dubai


Karin Locher is a visionary in the field of mind and body healing. Her extraordinary and personal insight into the mind-body-spirit relationship inspires her unique methodology of Spatial Medicine; changing mind-set, heart-set and health-set to support the autonomic nervous system to enable recovery and live more fully. Karin is a psychosomatic trauma therapist, myofascial specialist and educator of the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

Today, Karin is recognised as a leading light in the fields of trauma, fascia, the autonomic nervous system and healing. Her insights into how the mind, emotions, vibrations and environment affect our physiology, forms the foundation of her pioneering Spatial Medicine methodology.

Re-set to re-store the body to enable it to do what it does best - keep us well.

At the heart of Karin’s work is the belief that working with the ‘medicinal mechanisms’ of the body that optimise the self-regulation of our growth, health and renewal is a more appropriate approach to the many symptoms and conditions that we are seeing today.


Learning from the best.... 

Karin is a psychosomatic therapist. Certified with Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing (SE) (Peter Levine Phd), Compassionate Inquiry (CI) (Dr Gabor Mate); a Myofascial Structural Integration practitioner, and Educator on the fascial system, the autonomic nervous system, and the Polyvagal Theory (the works of Dr Stephen Porgess). After years of studying the neuromyofascial system and working with the fascial system as a sensory organ she went on to create her own unique approach for recovery, rehabilitation and mental, physical and emotional healing.



Sharing Knowledge, Trainings and Education.... 


The founder of Centre for Spatial Medicine, Karin offers psychosomatic solutions and continuing professional education and personalized trainings worldwide. Karin's pioneering insights into rehabilitation are uniting and inspiring medical, psychological, manual and movement professionals around the world.

Karin's work attracts body and mind professionals and students from different fields around the world. It has created an inter-disciplinary universal language for all those interested or involved in rehabilitation, health restoration and optimal performance. 

Inspiring Profound Change

Karin works out of the Middle East, dedicating her heart and time to those inspired to unravel and understand the many different levels of being human.

" The potential to heal and evolve exists within us all"