The Mentorship

A One To One Bespoke Programme

Five x 3 consecutive days over 12-24 months

‘I will highlight Karin as one of those special teachers we once meet in life that redirects our life and enables us to find the answer by ourselves.’
- Valentina Cabreira Vieira, Dubai


Programme overview:


Mentoring with Karin offers you a unique opportunity to become self-responsible for your body’s performance, your health and your life. Through a new perception of the body's innate wisdom and its extraordinary and intelligent ways, you develop and experience a greater awareness of how your body is responding to your life, and learn the tools to change what needs to heal.

Realign your evolutionary process and truth: Through this one on one, experienced approach, you learn to communicate with your body tissue, to listen in, sense it responding to you, and empower yourself to become the change you want to see in your life.

Discover, recognise and change the patterns and environments that have led you to where you are today, and start to shed unconscious and unwanted patterns to move forward into who you are and who you want to be. 

The Mentorship is a one to one in-depth study of the many aspects of the human body on many levels, learnt through the experience of your own body and mind-set.

You will learn the tools to heal what needs to be healed and change what you would like to change in your life. You will take the next steps forward or backwards to move through the many layers of the body and mind, awareness, sensing, consciousness and unconscious states, and open up to a new level of healing, being, living and recovery. 

Anyone from any background and with any condition are welcomed to this programme. Join me, and explore the new paradigm of 'Spatial Consciousness’, the medicine of the 21st century.


  • Understand the role of the fascial system in your everyday life and performance and learn how to work with it. 
  • Discover what lies behind and what lies beyond your movement, health and posture.
  • Know when and why you are in strain/pain or disease, and why and how to be at ease.
  • Become aware of and be able to change the nervous system consciously, to change the body's behaviours.
  • Learn the body's sensory language and how to communicate with it, at will
  • Learn to be aware of your mind-set and learn to control where it is taking your body.
  • Realign to your evolutionary process.

Why Choose The Mentorship with Karin?

Karin Locher is a visionary in the field of mind body healing. Her extraordinary and very personal insight into the mind-body-spirit relationship inspires her unique methodology for Spatial Medicine; changing mind-set, health-set, heart-set and soul-set to enable your own recovery and to live fully. 


'Spatial consciousness' being the change IS the change

Medicine for 21 stCentury Living


60 hours
5 x 3 days over 12-24 months
4 hours with Karin per day

A monthly e-mail or Skype correspondence is offered throughout the duration of the programme.


The Mentorship is offered at the Centre for Spatial Medicine in Jumeirah 3, Dubai.

Accommodation is available at the Roda Beach Resort (1 bed or studio chalet) next to the Centre for Spatial Medicine (fees not included).


Certificate of Mentorship with Karin Locher or an Advanced Centre for Spatial Medicine Certification (if you already hold a Centre for Spatial Medicine Workshop or CPM Education Qualification)



12,140 USD (inc 5% vat)

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