About Spatial Medicine

Centre for Spatial Medicine is internationally recognised as a visionary organisation uniting health professionals from all modalities. Drawing from latest research, it offers next level Spatial Medicine applications for a new perspective on symptom’s, conditions, dis-ease, injuries, recovery, trauma and performance.

Spatial Medicine heralds a shift to a science and cure we believe is more appropriate for the twenty-first century conditions and syndromes that we see today. This cutting edge approach addresses how the body responds to external and internal environments and the self-organising and self-correcting order of its systems. It begins with restoring the autonomic nervous system for improved mental and physical health, growth and integrated function.

Centre for Spatial Medicine offers psychosomatic private therapy, workshops, webinars, trainings, private intensives and private mentoring worldwide. It begins by you learning to understand the behavior of your mind and body and then builds on your capacity for new awareness. This is the medicine for the future.

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