About Spatial Medicine

The Centre for Spatial Medicine is internationally recognised as a visionary centre uniting movement, mind, rehabilitation and performance professionals from all modalities. Drawing from the latest fascia research,it offers next level Spatial Medicine applications for a new perspective on injury recovery, rehabilitation, health and performance enhancement.

Spatial Medicine heralds a shift to a science and cure more appropriate for the twenty-first century symptoms and syndromes we see today. This cutting-edge neuromyo fascial approach addresses how the body responds to environments, and how it recovers the self-organising and self-correcting order and nature of its systems, thus restoring optimum health, growth and integrated function.

Centre for Spatial Medicine offers different forms of learning: workshops, continuing education, small group and apprenticeship teaching training, private intensives and private mentoring. It begins by understanding your own fascial body and then building on the capacity for a new awareness. You improve your professional methods to stay ahead of the game. This is the medicine of the future.

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