Webinar Series 2 English and Japanese


From 2 July 2022


With Karin Locher and associate Akihiro Kawasaki

  • Join us for Series 2 where we go deeper into the implications of the fascial system with our focus on practical applications.

    Webinar 1, series 2:  Interoception

    2 July: The heart, diaphragm and breath in relation to our postural regulation and our sense of interoception.  Interoception for improved function. Implications and practical applications. 

    Webinar 2, series 2: The upper limb continuities :  part 1

    6 August: Shoulder, lumbar and pelvic stabilisation from the upper limb continuities: the Upper V 

    The latest research on these deep fascial continuities will be taken into practical application. 

    Webinar 3, series 2: The upper limb continuities:  part 2

    3 Sept:  The upper limbs relation to the autonomic nervous system and visceral organs. Implications and practical applications. 

    Webinar 4, series 2: The lower limb continuities

    1 Oct: Pelvic and lumbar stabilisation from the lower limb fascial continuities: the Lower V

    The lower limb and the autonomic nervous system.  Implications and practical applications. 


    Webinar 5, series 2: Whole body entrainment 

    5 Nov: Communication of the upper and lower V’s for whole body movement and entrainment: the Double V. Clearing the torso to facilitate this communication. 

    Webinar 6, series 2: Fascial stiffness, pain, syndromes and movement restriction

    3 Dec: Understanding and practical applications for improved regulation and function. 

    Practical applications 


  • 2 July 2022 

    6 August 2022 

    3 Sept 2022 

    1 Oct 2022 

    5 Nov 2022 

    3 Dec 2022 

    17 Dec 2022

    7.30-9pm Tokyo time

  • Karin Locher

    Founder of Centre for Spatial Medicine, Karin's pioneering fascia insights into movement, rehabilitation and chronic pain therapy are uniting and inspiring medical, manual and movement educators and professionals around the world.

    Her quest of 20 years to understand the life force has driven her extraordinary and very personal approach of Spatial Medicine


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