Webinar Series 1 with Japanese Translation - Working with Fascia


Working with Fascia
Practical, functional, insightful.
Next level application and information for Teachers and Therapists.

160 USD per webinar
950 USD for all 6
12 December 2020 / 23 January 2020 / 13 February 2021 / 13 March 2021 / 10 April 2021 / 1 May 2021
7.30pm Tokyo time

Pay through Japan

From 12 December 2020


With Karin Locher and associate Akihiro Kawasaki

  • Choose individual webinars or attend all 6 and take the test to achieve your Certificate in the Basic Principles of Spatial Medicine. 

    Recordings available until June 30, 2021

    Webinar 1:  Fascia and Bio-tensegrity part 1
    12 December: What does this mean for the movement teacher and manual therapist?
    Webinar 1: ファシアとバイオテンセグリティ1/2

    Webinar 2: Fascia and Bio-tensegrity part 2
    23 January: How the body adapts for stability, mobility, contraction and expansion.
    Webinar 2: ファシアとバイオテンセグリティ2/2

    Webinar 3: Fascia and the autonomic nervous system part 1
    13 February: How we influence fascia through the mind and emotion
    Webinar 3: ファシアと自律神経系1/2

    Webinar 4: Fascia and the autonomic nervous system part 2
    23 March: Working with the function of the imagination
    Webinar 4: ファシアと自律神経系2/2

    Webinar 5: Fascia, deep and superficial part 1
    10 April: Force transmission and connection through the deep fascia 
    Webinar 5: ファシアの深層と表層1/2

    Webinar 6: Fascia, deep and superficial part 2
    1 May: Communication and connection though the superficial fascia
    Webinar 6: ファシアの深層と表層2/2

     The Centre for Spatial Medicine is internationally recognised as a visionary approach uniting movement, mind, rehabilitation and performance professionals. Drawing from the latest fascia research, it offers a next level approach and a new perspective to the mind body relationship; to recovery, rehabilitation, health and performance.

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  • 12 December 2020 / 23 January 2020 / 13 February 2021 / 13 March 2021 / 10 April 2021 / 1 May 2021

    7.30pm Tokyo time

  • Karin Locher

    Founder of Centre for Spatial Medicine, Karin's pioneering fascia insights into movement, rehabilitation and chronic pain therapy are uniting and inspiring medical, manual and movement educators and professionals around the world.

    Her quest of 20 years to understand the life force has driven her extraordinary and very personal approach of Spatial Medicine


    Akihiro Kawasaki      View Bio

  • Online

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