The Neurofascia Bridge 3 to YOGA

A 7-day Programme
This programme offers a 'Neuromyofascia in Yoga' Certification.

"The subject material is vast – I think I have only digested a fraction of it so far. But even that fraction I have found to be immensely useful for my own yoga practice and teacher".

Nea Ferrier

"A paradigm shift in previous courses I have attended and how to think and apply information differently.".

Becky Hart

Programme overview:

Learn to embody the asanas to gain confidence in guiding others. Take everything that you have learned in Bridge 1 and Bridge 2 into a broader view and deeper understanding of the Yoga asanas and philosophy. Learn how these tools apply directly to your teaching and practice. From the neuromyofascia perspective you will experience and gain insight into a series of progressive asanas.

Yoga is simply another environment that the body (your neuromyofascia) responds to. Done consciously, your practice and teaching enhances movement, mindfulness and overall health.

With the now familiar fascial map as your guide to your inner self, Bridge 3 to Yoga gives you new-felt senses, new eyes to feel and see with.  Awaken to your perception of to imbalances, seeming limitations and restrictions in yourself within the asana.  Your deliberate awareness of release, integration and connection then gives you limitless potential.

Profoundly heighten your impact as a teacher.  Deepen the transforming physiological and psychological change that is Yoga.

Bridge 3 to Yoga is taught in small groups of just 4 students to one teacher to ensure that personalised learning is had by all.

How long does it take?

7 days: Three 2-day weekends and 1 revision day: Total 45 hrs

What qualification will you achieve:

This programme offers a 'Neuromyofascia in Yoga' Certification

Programme Assessments:

Practical and written exams will be given within 1-9 months of your training to determine your qualification.

Please note, the programme does not guarantee you a qualification by attendance only.
Both the exams must be passed to achieve this. You are able to retake your exam within 6 months. Practical retakes are charged at £150. Written retakes are charged at £50.

Where can you take the Programme?

The Programme is currently being offered in Dubai

Programme Pre-requisites:

Bridge 1 and Bridge 2 and a minimum 200 hours of Yoga teacher training.

Programme Fee:

Please note that there is a 4:1 teacher/student ratio for this programme.

UK/USA/UAE/Zurich: 4,100 USD

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