Teacher Training Appenticeship in Dubai


The Teacher Training Apprenticeship in Dubai explained:

This One-to-One training, offers the flexibility to work with your schedule and needs.

This CPM qualification entitles you to sit the PMA Third Party Certification on completion.

Programme overview:

This fully comprehensive programme is the first Pilates Teacher Training to incorporate the teaching and unique application of the neuromyofascial system, experienced and recognised through the Pilates Method training. The Pilates Method is studied and learnt through a neuromyofascial lens, utilising the Anatomy Trains map.

This multi-level, multi-dimensional programme is an in-depth study of the nature of the body. It teaches the original, now somewhat historical, teachings of Joseph and Clara Pilates and others dedicated to their work. It is a fully comprehensive training, covering the complete and original Pilates Studio repertoire.

This multi-level, multi-dimensional programme is an in-depth study of the nature of the body. It teaches the original work of Joseph and Clara Pilates and others dedicated to their work. It is a fully comprehensive training, covering the complete and original Pilates Studio repertoire. Combining Joseph Pilates’ seminal work with universal movement principals and the anatomy of fascia, this training teaches you how to “return to life”.

The Programme explained:

  • Your training is taught on a private/semi-private basis, so your hours can be chosen to suit your lifestyle (subject to studio and teacher availability).
  • Should you need to, you are able to book your training hours in blocks of time rather than having to get to the Studio daily or weekly.  This is very useful should you be living in another country or far away from the studio.
  • You will be doing your training hours, observation and self practice hours with any 3 of our Faculty teachers who are in Zurich, Houston, Dubai and the UK (in Chippenham, Devon or Chipperfield).
  • The training can take anything from 18 to 36 months to complete, depending on the time you are able to dedicate to it.
  • A Preparatory Programme must precede the One-to-One Apprenticeship.  This is the foundation to the training and can take anything from 3 to 9 months depending on your previous experience. 
  • Please see the full details and costs here: Preparatory Programme Details 
  • Should personal circumstances call for it, there is an option to freeze your training: your course hours will be put on hold for an agreed period of time (subject to terms and conditions).

Programme hours for the UAE:

To achieve the CPM One-to-One Apprenticeship Teacher Training in the UAE you will be doing 2/3 of your training sessions in Dubai and 1/3 in the UK, Zurich or the USA.

Note that 1/3 of your training hours will need to be taken at the Faculty’s studios, either in Zurich, Houston or the UK.

This means that during the 18 to 36 months of your training you will need to make at least one trip to Europe, the USA or the UK where your schedule for training and observation hours will be made for you.

Please note that whereas the full programme fee covers all 450 training hours in Dubai, the USA, the UK and Zurich, it does not cover travel and accommodation costs for your time in Europe, the UK or the USA.

When looking at the logistics of taking this training please consider the extra costs for this trip. The office will help to find you reasonably priced local accommodation.

Hours will be divided between Dubai and Zurich, the USA or the UK as follows:


  • 60 hours of private /semi private training
  • 5 one-to-one mentor meetings
  • A minimum of 70 hours of observation, 240 hours self-practice and 10 hours assisted teaching (where necessary).
  • Unlimited use of the Studio facilities (during Studio opening hours)
  • 2 client case studies to be written up before completion

The total Programme hours to be taken in Dubai: a minimum of 405 of the 450 total.

Plus you will receive 20 hours of CPM Education Workshops in Dubai, Houston, Zurich or the UK: chosen individually to assist your learning and to be taken during the 18 to 36 month programme period.

While you are in Zurich, the UK or the USA

  • 30 hours of private /semi private training
  • 1 x one-to-one mentor meeting
  • A minimum of 30 hours of observation, 10 hours of self-practice
  • Unlimited use of the Studio facilities (during Studio opening hours)

The total Programme hours to be taken in Zurich, the UK or the USA: a minimum of 71 of the 450 total.

End of Training Assessments:

Practical, teaching and written exams will be given at the end of your training to determine your qualification.  Ongoing assessments will take place at selected times during your training in Dubai.


Two levels of qualification can be achieved:

  • Studio Assistant Diploma - Allows you to work within the studio as an assistant under supervision. Full Graduation can follow as you gain experience
  • Full Graduate – Allows you to work independently in a Pilates Method studio.

Both the above qualifications enable you to take the PMA 3rd Party Certification exam, should you choose to. 

NB: PMA points are not available for Teacher Training courses.


For programmes in the UAE: £7,900.00 

Deposit: £500.00 (non refundable), payable on agreement of your application

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Payment Plan options:

1. 13 consecutive monthly payments (with the first payment due two months prior to commencement)  


2.   3 instalments (starting one month prior to the start date and then on the 1st day of the fourth and eight month of your training)

Please note: Any additional studio sessions, classes or workshops that you may choose to take that are not inclusive in the course hours will be charged for at the studio teacher’s discounted student rate.

Candidate Pre-requisites:

  • The Preparatory Programme takes a minimum 3 to maximum 9 months  
  • Preparatory Programme Details
  • A minimum of 2 years studio experience
    • able to do the basic level on all apparatus
    • show understanding and embodiment of the Pilates principles
    • an understanding and application of movement in the body
    • independence in the studio
    • ability to self correct
    • a good sound level of physical ability with no injuries 
  • Attendance of the Bridge Prelude (4 days) 
    • Or  attendance of the Neurofascia Bridge workshop (2 days)
    • Or attendance of an Anatomy Trains I & 2 workshops (4 days)
  • Knowledge and an understanding of the Anatomy Trains concept and the ability to apply it to the body. https://www.anatomytrains.com/
  • Good general anatomy knowledge, especially of muscles and bones.
  • Suggested online course standard if you need to revise your anatomy:  Alison - Diploma in Human Anatomy & Physiology –https://alison.com/courses?q=anatomy+%26+physiology 

    To be accepted onto the programme you may be asked to take a Pilates assessment.

    Written assessments will also be given on both Pilates and Anatomy Trains after the Preparatory Programme.

    Please note that these are not a pass or fail assessment but allows for us to see

    what level you are at.

    Applicants may be required to attend an interview prior to acceptance.

    Candidate Pre-requisite Reading:

    • Anatomy Trains 3rd Edition by Thomas Myers
    • Return to Life and Your Health by Joseph Pilates (please see links below for where to buy the required edition)




        Further Suggested Reading:

        • Fascia: The Tensional Network of the Human Body by Leon Chaitow, Robert Schleip, Thomas Findley, Peter Huijing.  (Good research-based material)
        • The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. (Very important information)
        • The Endless Web by Louis Schultz. (Lighter reading)
        • Born to Walk by James Earl. (Interesting read)
        • The Reconnection by Eric Pearl. (Interesting extra)