Neuromyo Fascial Workshop

Discover a new physical, mental and emotional perspective

'There is one human design, one connected system and universal patterns that are affected by many different factors; the potential to heal physically, mentally and emotionally exists within us all.'
– Karin Locher


With the fascia acknowledged as the largest organ of the body, are you ready to understand the role and potential of this whole interconnected body system? 

workshops offering next level information and advanced neuromyo fasciatherapeutic applications. They are open to all body and mind orientated professionals and influencers looking to take their work into the new fascial paradigm. 

Three environments that inform and influence Fascia: 1. Movement 2. Vibration 3. Mind 

Each environment is explored in separate workshops:


Connecting to Fascia

The dynamics and mechanics of movement

This workshop looks at the role of fascia and the dynamics and mechanics of the moving body; how muscles rely on the fascia for their information and respond accordingly to accommodate the required action. We will use movement to recognise this orchestration in action, where the tissue is inhibited and how we can work with it to best effect free and efficient movement.

Communicating to Fascia

The dialogue of touch

Working with the stimuli of touch this workshop offers advanced Spatial Medicine applications and energetic touch techniques to effect specific and deep fascial change. Designed to build understanding of the fascia’s response to vibration, it provides you with greater confidence in using your hands and the dialogue of touch as tools to listen in with, support the tissue and effect change.

Mind over Fascia

From thought to desired change

How the mind and believe system influence and effect the neuromyo fascia. Through the function of imagination, mind-body exercises and sensory language, you will experience how what you are thinking and what you imagine posture the body into ‘fascial form’; you will learn how structural relationships and tensional patterns can be altered through the mind-set. Recognising the influence of the mind-set and the power we have to change this is the key to our renewal.

Why Choose These Workshops?

Becoming more conscious of the body’s response and why and what it is responding to, you learn to elicit change of tissue behaviour at will; you will experience the greater potential of the fascial body at work and realize the critical role we play in effecting it.

These workshops offer enhanced learning of other possibilities and next level potential through neuromyo fascial applications giving you tools for both yourself and your clients.

To for those involved in injury repair, movement, performance, chronic pain, health restoration and healing, that's all of us!