Neuromyo Fascial Workshops

Discover a new physical, mental and emotional perspective

'There is a human design, one connected system and universal patterns affected by many different factors; the potential to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exists within us all.'
– Karin Locher


Fascia is now being acknowledged as the largest organ of the body, bringing with it new insights and new understandings to the function, form and health of the human body. These workshops will inform, inspire and teach you to be involved at a greater level with the vitality, performance and well being of the body and mind.    

The 3 workshops offenext level information and advanced Spatial Medicine therapeutic applications. They are open to all body and mind orientated professionals, therapists and influencers looking to bring their work into the new fascial paradigm. 

We look at three environments that inform and influence Fascia: 1. Movement 2. Vibration 3. Mind 

Each environment is explored in a separate workshop:


Connecting to Fascia

The dynamics and mechanics of movement

This workshop looks at the role of fascia and the dynamics and mechanics of the moving body. We will use movement to observe and sense feel the fascia's orchestration in action to see and feel where the tissue is inhibited; you will learn how to target specific fasciae through movements to best effect free and efficient bio-mechanics.

Open to all movers, performance seekers, therapists and professionals and health influencers looking to better understand this new paradigm. Read More

Communicating with Fascia

The dialogue of touch

Working with the stimuli of touch this workshop offers advanced Spatial Medicine applications and energetic touch techniques effecting specifically targeted and deep fascial change. Designed to build understanding of the fascia’s response to vibration, it provides you with greater confidence to use your hands and the dialogue of touch as tools to listen in with, support the tissue specific and effect both local and global change. This work is a rehabilitation (re-able-habitation) at its deepest level.

Open to all body and mind orientated professionals looking to learn how to effect the fascial body through their hands. Read More

Mind over Fascia

From thought to desired change

These 2 days will teach you how our thinking, beliefs and emotions influence and effect the fascia, and thereby effect our physiology. You will learn to recognize and change your mind-set, health-set, heart-set and soul-set.

Through the function of your imagination, mind-body exercises and sensory language, you will experience how what you think and what you imagine posture the body into its ‘fascial form’. You will learn to recognise this intertwined relationship and learn ways to bring it into balance for desired change.

Open to all mind and body-oriented professionals, therapists and enthusiasts. Read More

Why Choose These Workshops?

When you become more conscious of the body’s response system and why and how it responds , you can learn to elicit change of tissue behavior at will; you will experience the potential of the fascia body at work and realize the critical role we play in effecting it.

These workshops offer the enhanced learning of further possibilities with next level information and neuromyo fascia applications, giving you tools to take into your work and lives.

For all those involved in injury repair, movement, movement therapy, high performance, chronic pain, health restoration and healing.