Become a Host of workshops or webinars with Spatial Medicine. Bring a new physical, mental and emotional perspective to your Centre.

We collaborate with selected hosts around the world.
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There are 3 different Fascia workshops that can be hostedthey can also be hosted as a Workshop Series. We also offer 2 webinar series. There are six 1.5 hour webinars in each series. Please contact us for more information about the webinar series. 


Each workshop offers up to date fascia information supported by Spatial Medicine’s unique therapeutic applications; enhanced learning of 'new possibilities and higher potential' giving tools for both you and your clients. 

They are open to all body and mind orientated professionals and enthusiasts who are looking to take their work further into the fascial paradigm; for those involved in injury repair, movement, performance, chronic pain, health restoration and healing - that's all of us! 

1. Connecting with Fascia

The dynamics and mechanics of the moving body

2.5 days

This workshop looks at the role of fascia and the dynamics and mechanics of the moving body. Here we will use movement to observe and feel the fascial orchestration at work, to notice where the tissue is inhibited and learn how to work with it to effect free and efficient movement.

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2. Communicating with Fascia

The dialogue of touch

2.5 days

Working with the stimuli of touch, this workshop offers hands on Spatial Medicine applications and energetic touch techniques to effect targeted and deep fascial change. Designed for you to build further understanding of the fascia’s response to vibration, it provides greater confidence in using your hands and the dialogue of touch as tools to listen in with, support specific tissue and effect systemic change.

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3. Mind over Fascia

From thought to desired change

2 days

This workshop looks at how the mind, belief system and emotions influence and effect fascia. Through the function of imagination, mind-body exercises and sensory language you will experience how what you think and what you imagine posture the body into ‘fascial form’; you will learn how structural relationships and tensional patterns are altered through the mind-set and how the ability we have to change this is the key to our renewal. 

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How you will benefit from being a host:

  • Bringing next level information and methodology to your community and bringing movement professionals and therapists from around the world to your door.
  • Meeting and connecting with new like-minded professionals in your community and around the world.
  • Raising your business profile and Centre to be a leader of this field.
  • Ensuring your own in-house therapists and staff are advancing in their professional development. 

We support you as a host to reach out to other professionals in your field:

  • We provide a marketing package for you with material and images to use in your social media and mail campaigns.
  • We back your sales with our own social media and email marketing posts.
  • We provide all course materials.
  • Our qualified teachers deliver years of clinical experience at a high professional and personal standard.

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