Meet the Faculty

Our faculty members have decades of professional and personal experience between them. They are leading lights in promoting the potential that we are seeing in the fascial world today, in the Anatomy Trains revolution, and the new applications for Spatial Medicine. We are dedicated inclusively to working with all bodywork professionals.


Karin Locher

Founder - Spatial Medicine - Based in Dubai. Karin Locher is a visionary in the field of mind body healing...

Fiona McIntosh

Based in United Kingdom. Fiona was a keen gymnast and dancer from early childhood and studied modern jazz dance into her twenties as well as practicing yoga..

Joyce Ulrich

Based in Houston, United States. Joyce was first introduced to Pilates at Houston Ballet where she..

Sean James

Sean’s passion is working and re-educting your body to change your life. He is a body and mind training coach, founder of the Integrated..

Karin Locher

"There is a human design, a connected system with universal patterns affected by many different factors, and the potential to heal and evolve exists within us all." 

Karin Locher is a visionary in the field of mind body healing. Her extraordinary and very personal insight into the mind-body-spirit relationship inspires her unique methodology for Spatial Medicine; changing our mind-set, structure and movement to enable our own recovery and live fully.

Her quest of 18 years to understand the vital life force was driven by what many would describe as a series of health crises. In her own words, she calls these ‘gifted times,’ showing her the ‘why’ of her own illness and the ‘how to’ of healing.

Today, her insights into how the emotions, the mind, movement, touch and different environments affect our physiology, forms the foundation of her pioneering Spatial Medicine methodology:

Re-set to re-store the body state to enable it to do what it does best
-to keep us well

At the heart of Karin’s work is the belief that working with the ‘medicinal mechanisms’ of the body that optimize the self-regulation of our growth, health and renewal is a more appropriate approach to healing for the many symptoms we are seeing today.

Learning from the Elders

Karin is an affiliated partner with Anatomy Trains and a practitioner of Structural Integration, Fascial Fit-ness, Trauma Healing and Reconnective Healing.

In 2000 she certified with Pilates International in London and the Pilates Method Alliance in the USA; but she claims to have acquired her true movement and restorative understanding while studying individually with the first generation Pilates Elders between 2000 -2006.

Passing it on

Karin's work is attracting body and mind professionals and students from different fields around the world, creating an inter-disciplinary universal language for all those interested or involved in the rehabilitation, health restoration and optimal performance. She is recognized as a leading light in the field of neuro-myo-fascial awareness.

The founder of the Centre for Spatial Medicine, a mind body spirit Continuing Education and Training organisation, Karin pioneers neuro-fascial insights into rehabilitation and chronic pain therapy are uniting and inspiring medical, manual and movement educators and professionals around the world.

Inspiring Profound Change

Karin is now based in the Middle East, dedicating her heart and time to those inspired to unravel the human potential. Along with the members of her exceptional Faculty team, they offer Professional and Personal Development, Workshops and Training Programmes worldwide.

Fiona McIntosh

Born and educated in London, Fiona was a keen gymnast and dancer from early childhood and studied modern jazz dance into her twenties as well as practicing yoga. She was also an avid reader and after University Fiona chose a career working in publishing before eventually re-connecting with her passion and interest in movement. In 2004 she became a client at Karin Locher’s studio and her thirst for knowledge led her to first study with Body Control (Certified in 2005), then with Polestar Education (Studio Certified in 2007) and then with CPM (Contrology Pilates Method) Education (Certified in 2008). She has since certified in 2016 as a yoga teacher with Claire Murphy Yoga and has completed her Level 1 training in iRest meditation.

In 2010 Fiona became a full-time pilates teacher working from Karin Locher’s studio. She continued her education and knowledge of the fascial communication system attending courses with Steven Goldstein (integrated fascial release), Ann and Chris Frederick (Fascial Stretch Therapy), Robert Schleip, Tom E Myers’ Anatomy Trains, Peter E Levine (Somatic Experiencing) and Emilie Conrad (Continiuum). She is now Director of two studios, The Santosha Studio in Wiltshire and The Pilates Team in Hertfordshire. She is PMA certified and a Senior Faculty Teacher for Centre for Spatial Medicine in the United Kingdom. She teaches neomyofascial movement with reference to either modality of Pilates or yoga and regularly practices meditation.

Fiona’s curiosity of how the body moves and how the shape of the body mirrors the health of the mind and the spirit is completely embodied by her. I find the body, its make-up and physiology quite wondrous and there is so much to learn and the more I learn the more I realise how much more there is to know. My curiosity and thirst for knowledge will remain with me until the day I die. I am enriched by my teaching as I share my knowledge so too learn from all my clients and students. I spent several years of my life in pain as I have had not one, but many accidents and a major operation. I know what it is like to realise that nobody else can take my pain away. My heartfelt desire to try and not rely on drugs to mask pain has led me on this amazing journey with Spatial Medicine. I have no idea where that determination and purpose came from but every day I am thankful for it”.

Tel: 07885 264464

Joyce Ulrich

Joyce was first introduced to Pilates at Houston Ballet where she danced professionally for 10 years, retiring in 1995. Pilates helped her rehabilitate from serious injury, allowing her to successfully return to the stage and extend her career. She began her study of the Pilates method in 1998, and has continued to deepen her understanding through workshops with first generation teachers, Pilates Method Alliance Certification (Gold Standard, 2003), as well as the Pilates Center of Boulder's Masters Program (2009). In constant search for more depth and greater possibility, Joyce is also a Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner with special focus on the foot and face, a Rossiter Coach, and an Anatomy Trains Associate Teacher.

In 2013, she serendipitously crossed paths with Karin Locher as they were both assisting an Anatomy Trains workshop. She found Karin's true embodiment of the myofascial meridians in their wholeness so mesmerizing that she invited her to introduce this work in the Houston area.

Over the course of the following two years, Joyce successfully completed Spatial Medicine's first Bridge to CPM held in the United States, and has continued on to join the international Faculty Team of Spatial Medicine. She shares her love of this work both at Pilates Treehouse, a fascial playground, and at Houston Ballet, using the inner spatial relationships of the body to heal and empower.

Tel: + 1 832 453 1551

Sean James

Sean’s passion is working and re-educting your body to change your life. He is a body and mind training coach, founder of the Integrated Body, and valid faculty teacher for Centre for Spatial Medicine. Unique in his restorative fascial movement and strength training, he is also a Structural Integration body worker (Anatomy Trains KIM).The Integrated Body Centre is in Dubai, UAE.