The Neurofascia Bridge 3 to YOU

A 6-day Programme

A one to one Personal Journey following Bridge 1 and 2

Programme overview:

The Bridge 3 to You is a personal self-exploration to find your optimal state of being and movement. Or it can be taken as a rehabilitation programme if that is what is needed. As a one-to-one bespoke programme, it is adaptable to your body and mind needs and to your schedule.

It is a profound and insightful way to experience and understand the rhyme and reason for the way your body acts, reacts and lives in the world. By covering universal movement and patterns it allows discernment of all aspects of your body and of yourself. Realize the multi-dimensional levels within you through full exploration of your body and mind’s interrelationship and wisdoms.

Your body is a result of who your mind chooses you to be. Your neuromyofascial tissue adapts to this, shaping and functioning from both your experiences and environments (those we live in and those we create inside us). Recognising how your body has adapted and how it functions or dis-functions enables you to make conscious personal changes to facilitate desired outcome through systemic change, by quite literally being the change.

 Understand yourself through your neuromyofascial system, which envelopes the whole of your physiology and consciousness. We will start from wherever you are within yourself and take the next steps forward or backwards to move through the many layers of understanding, navigating the patterns and narratives of your subconscious, and arriving at integration and resolution.

It is a reconnection to your-self


How long does it take:

Two x 3 consecutive days / 4 hours per day

The programme is offered in the UK, Zurich, Houston and Dubai. Contact us to discuss available dates in these locations

What certification will you achieve?

It offers a Certificate of completion in The Bridge to YOU

Programme Pre-requisites:

Bridge 1 and Bridge 2.

Programme Fee:

Please note this is a one-to-one personal journey

UK: 3,600 USD

USA/UAE: 3,850 USD

    Zurich: 4,100 USD

    NB. Payment plans are available

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