Personal Intensives with Karin Locher

A 5 step process that takes you from 'dis'-ease back to ease in either your health or life.


Personal Intensives are the opportunity to work one-on-one with Karin using a RE-SET process to help you return to your optimal state.

Each intensive is tailored to address physiological and mental conditions or personal circumstances that are preventing you from living a full and healthy pain free life.

Karin’s signature 5 Step Process:

  1. RE-ATTEND:  The process of paying attention to how your life, emotions and mind-set are affecting your physiology.
  2. RE-CONNECT: The process of re-connecting to ourselves. Re-membering our ‘I’ values, what we stand for, moves us and inspires us.
  3. RE-REGULATE: Regulation automatically occurs once you have re-connected. It's when the body and mind are once again operating in coherence. Once re-aligned, the body regulates accordingly.
  1. RE-ORDER: Order brings appropriateness to all actions, thoughts and emotions. Everything works systematically in collaboration for the desired outcome.
  1. RE-EASE: By now, body and mind operate in sync, allowing you to experience greater ease in the body and daily life.

“ It’s all about Re. Re-turning
 to the intelligence of a system.” — Karin Locher



How it works

Through the RE-SET Intensive, you will re-solve physical, mental or emotional pain, circumstances or past trauma—which are often the underlying factors influencing conditions and external factors in our life.

This process re-regulates the autonomic nervous system essential for recovery, repair and healing. Once returned to its regulatory norm, you’ll notice you gain more clarity and understanding, have increased energy with decreased pain. Along with a newfound perspective, you will re-connect to your highest goals and values and have the tools to move forward in your life more freely.

The intensive ultimately, re-connects your body to its inherent ability to re-store and heal.


Programme options:  

The 4 hour Resolve: Changing Perspective

4 hours of Applied Spatial Medicine sessions divided into 2 x 2 hour blocks.

The 4 hour Re-solve Intensive is all about re-connecting to your life's bigger picture. The day helps you re-attend to your body and life so that you can get back on track. The RE-SET Process will help you shift your perspective, gain greater self-awareness to understand your current circumstances to start to heal the body.

Cost: 850 USD (3120 AED /800 euro)

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The 8 hour Exploration: Re-connecting:

8 hours spread over a number of days with practice tools given between the session times. 

Across three days, you'll learn how to tune into your body and mind. By observing what’s happening in your mind and how it is affecting your body, you’ll recognise what no longer serves you. You will clear old pain patterns and habits and build new ones supportive of your health and life. This intensive re-aligns you physically, mentally, emotionally and attitudinally. The process enables you to become pain-free, increases mental clarity and physical energy.

Cost: 1760 USD (6500 AED /1650 euro)  

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*Please note accommodation is not included but available next to the Centre on the beach.

(Additional physical exercise/movement sessions are available on request)


The 12 hour Process: Establishing the 5 steps:  

  1. Re-attend   2. Re-connect   3. Re-regulate   4. Re-order   5. Re-ease

12 hours spread over several days with practice tools given between the session times.

Over four days, you’ll experience physical, mental and emotional renewal. You will learn how to apply the 5 Step Process and consciously integrate it, enabling you to use it in your everyday life. The four-day intensive is a complete re-set of your nervous system to support sustained and ongoing results.

Cost: 2650 USD (9750 AED /2450 euro)  

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*Please note accommodation is not included but available next to the Centre on the beach.

(Additional physical exercise/movement sessions are available on request)


How will I benefit?

  • Learn to recognise your habit patterns and become aware of the environments that have led you to where you are today.
  • Shed biologically wired responses that keep you trapped in pain, trauma or life circumstance.
  • Restore your body’s innate coherence and resilience.
  • Resume optimum body and mind health.
  • Learn how to self-regulate your autonomic nervous system so that you can optimally respond to life.
  • Learn to reduce the stress responses in your life consciously. 


Why choose the Personal Intensive:

Karin Locher is a visionary in the field of mind-body healing. Her extraordinary and very personal insight into the mind-body-spirit relationship inspires her unique psychosomatic-social methodology of Spatial Medicine; aligning mind-set, health-set, heart-set and soul-set to enable recovery and live fully. 

Karin uses the combination of neuromyofascial bodywork, kinetic re-patterning, trauma healing, mental, attitudinal, emotional and spiritual re-alignment and reconnection. 

Through her unique approach, you will learn the art of self–tuning to self-regulate and re-set your system for lifetime resolve. 


Ongoing Support:

Ongoing monthly, fortnightly or weekly Skype sessions and email support are available to help you integrate the process into your life.



Personal Intensives are offered at the Centre for Applied Spatial Medicine in Dubai.  

*Please note that USA exchange rates will vary at the time of booking according to the day’s currency exchange rates.