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CPM’s 600 hour Teacher Training Programme is a course that's built for the success of you. 




STAGE 2: TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMME:   January - December 2019


STAGE 1: The Training Preparatory Programme:

This is a one off programme fee of £850. Thereafter Training Preparatory hours are: 50 CHF paid directly to the Studio.

STAGE 2: The Teacher Training Programme:

Zurich: £8,800.00

Deposit: £800.00 (non refundable) payable on the acceptance of your application.

Monthly instalments available – please contact the office.

  • Programme overview: 

    This fully comprehensive programme is the first Pilates Teacher Training to incorporate the teaching and unique application of the neuromyofascial system, experienced and recognised through the Pilates Method training. The Pilates Methodology is studied and learnt through a neuromyofascial lens, utilising the Anatomy Trains map. It is a fully comprehensive training, covering the complete and original Pilates Studio repertoire.

    This multi-level, multi-dimensional programme is an in-depth study of the nature of the body. It teaches the original, now somewhat historical, teachings of Joseph and Clara Pilates and others dedicated to their work.

    Recognising Joseph Pilates’ seminal work with universal movement principals and the anatomy of fascia, this training teaches you to teach others to “return to life”.

    CPM Education is a registered school with the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).

    On successful completion you will be qualified to sit the PMA Third Party Certification. 

    The Learning Experience
    All training hours are on a 4:1 teacher student ratio.

    Training hours are scheduled fortnightly or monthly making it available for those needing to travel.

    Observation and self-practice hours can be conducted with any one of the CPM Education faculty teachers in the UK, Zurich, Houston or Dubai.

    Programme structure: 

    • The training hours are taught on a 4:1 student teacher ratio.
    • The Preparatory Programme is Stage 1 of the Teacher Training. It is the foundation to the Teacher Training Programme.
    • The Preparatory Programme (Stage 1) is 80 hours and will take 4 - 6 months.
    • The Teacher Training Programme (Stage 2) is 120 hours and will take 24 months to complete, with time allowed thereafter for individual completion should you need it.
    • Teacher Training hours (Stage 2) will be taught to you by 3 of our Faculty teachers giving you the richness and variety of each teacher’s individual strength and experience.
    • PLEASE NOTE that this means the group will be traveling to a different location and country for 25 of the 120 training hours. The times and logistics for this will be arranged with you at the start of the programme. Please note that the travel costs for this are not included in the programme fee.
    • The 80 Training Preparatory hours and the 120 Teacher Training hours will be given 1 day a fortnight (6 hours per day).
    • Your observation hours and your self-practice hours will be scheduled between these training days.

    Programme hours:

    • Total of 80 Training Preparatory hours.
    • Total of 120 Teacher Training hours:
      • Part 1, 0 – 40 hours: The Cadillac, Spine Corrector and the basic 7 Matwork exercises. 
      • Part 2, 40 – 70 hours: The Chair, Ped-i-Pull, Ladder Barrel and the Matwork exercises that relate to this. 
      • Part 3, 70 – 110 hours: The Reformer, the Matwork that relates to the Reformer and the small apparatus. 
      • Part 4, 110 – 120 hours: Revision. 
    • 8 x 1 hour mentor meetings to assess progress, to be had during the programme duration.
    • A minimum of 100 hours of observation.
    • A minimum of 250 hours self-practice.
    • Up to 50 hours of assisted teaching (where this is needed).
    • 20 hours of free Spatial Medicine workshops chosen with you individually to assist your learning needs. These are to be taken during the 24 month programme and can be in UK, Dubai, Zurich or Houston.
    • 2 client case studies to be written up before completion (These 20 hours not included in the total programme hours count).
    • 20 private sessions to be taken with any one of the Faculty teachers.
      PLEASE NOTE that these private sessions are not included in your training fee but will be given to you at the respective studio student rate.
    • Unlimited use of the Studio facilities (during Studio opening hours).

    Total Programme hours: 600 hours minimum 

    End of Training Assessments:

    Practical and written exams will be given at the end of your training to determine your qualification. Ongoing assessments will take place at selected times during the training. 


    Two levels of qualification can be achieved:

    • Studio Assistant Diploma - Allows you to work within a studio where there is a Spatial Medicine faculty teacher, as an assistant under supervision. Full Graduation can follow as you gain experience.
    • Full Graduate – Allows you to work independently in any Pilates Method studio.

    Both the above qualifications enable you to take the PMA 3rd Party Certification exam, should you choose to. 

    NB: PMA CECs are not available for Teacher Training courses.

  • Jasmin Sheta 

    Born in 1975 to a family of professional dancers, Jasmin started her career in classical ballet and later switched to jazz and modern dance. After completion of the three years training as a gymnastics pedagogue by Dietrich + Piller, she moved to Cairo. There she worked as a personal trainer and dance teacher for children whilst pursuing her education in fitness and nutrition with the ISSA America.

    In 2004, she returned to Switzerland and established her company, Together with Sabine Renz, they launched the immediately successful Pilateszone in 2008. With Joachim Schultz joining a year later, the trainer tandem became a trio.

    Jasmin, now a mother of three children, is a Polestar Pilates trainer for Rehabilitation and since 2011 she has worked with Karin Locher based on the newest fascia research.

    Jasmin graduated at CPM Education in September 2013 and today she is a Centre for Spatial Medicine Faculty Teacher.

    Jasmin is a Pilateszone Partner.

  • Pilateszone, Lavaterstrasse 44, 8002 Zürich-Enge, Switzerland